Monday, December 10, 2007

Weird. December 10th, 2007.

I was in a car with two girls, and we drove up to a house where we were supposed to be having a party. We pulled into the driveway after waiting for some guy to get his shopping carts out of the way.

We noticed that the entire driveway and yard was full, but it was because the people next door were having a party too and their traffic overflowed into their neighbors. We hopped out of the car to run in through the back, but we couldn't get in until we had had a shower.

The two girls and I stripped down and were all bathing. Nobody could see us but us. We were washing each other from head to toe, but nothing else happened. They finished and toweled off and got dressed to go inside.

I was doing the same and some guy came out of nowhere demanding I give him the pizza he ordered. I reached to the right and pulled a pizza out of a warmer and handed it to him and he said thanks and left. I went inside and there were two people fighting. Some guy with blueish tinted skin and some girl with pinkish/tannish skin.

"ATTENSHUN!" I yelled out. They both stood at attention and I told them both to straighten the fuck up or get lost. I had a piece of cheesecake, and then I walked into the next room and beat the shit out of the blueish dude and slammed his face into a wall.

I left him there bleeding, and walked out to the main room, where I was jumped by the pinkish tannish girl. I had to defend myself, but she wasn't after violence. Um. After that, I walked back into the kitchen and answered a phone. Nothing happened. I just answered it.

I went outside and found Spider playing with explosives. He tossed a bottle over to me and a couple of wires and an ignition switch. So we sat there playing with explosives while people behind us watched movies on a big screen tv. Someone yelled something about the girls in the living room who were having sex keeping it the fuck down.

We placed an explosive out by the bird bath, and then forgot about it. Christian took off, and when I went back inside, there was this guy fiddling with the explosives yelling at me about how dangerously I created them. They were full of shrapnel and coins and little metal bits, and he bitched me out because apparently he threw one into the air and a bird grabbed it, ate it, and exploded.

I went outside to find out if this was true or not and sure enough, there was a dead hawk out by the pond. I picked it up and played hacki-sack with its dead carcass. After I kicked it into the pond with a few rocks in its stomach, I headed back inside.

My Dad and his girlfriend were there with a box of specially shaped blue stones. And my Dad handed me a box of explosives and said that he was so upset that I didn't know how to properly fill and set a charge. He handed me one of the stones and put a wire on it and smiled.

I took a few of the stones and placed them around the foundation of the neighbor's house, set the timer, and bolted. A few minutes later, the house exploded straight into the air, hit a cloud and got stuck.

Everyone strated yelling and screaming, singing and dancing. I walked back inside, and everybody gave me a thumbs up and sprouted feathered wings and flew up to the other house. I smiled, and walked along the hedge of trees. As I walked further away, the lake exploded, and I bolted for cover from the to get out of the way from the toxic liquids.

I found a car. Keys were in. I left. The car phone began to ring, and I picked it up.

I woke up with my cellphone to my ear. Crazy shit.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Mid April 2002--World War III Dream

This is a dream that I had last night (*cough cough* 2002 *cough cough*), it is posted completely uncensored, completely untouched from my subconscious mind's state from whence it came... and incase you are all wondering...this was so unbelieveably real to me...that I woke scared shitless, screaming, and w/ cold sweat....., oh, and I've now revised parts as they come back into plain view memory, rather than blurs. Fade to black. That and I know I lived every day of two to three years... most of which I can vaguely remember.

I walked onto base after shutting the door to my old Cutlass Convertible. Checked in through security, after listening to the raedio about President Ashcroft and his off key, stupid ways with dealing with every other country around the world. The man actually attempted to annex everything from the eastern border of Israel all the way to India, naming it the 51st American state, and then proceedd to move all of the inhabitants to prisoner camps to rival that of the holocause with the Jewish in the second world War. Needless to say, I was pissed off about this, yet savagely sickened at the same time. It was unreal, and nobody knew how Ashcroft even got into office. --Twice.

After George W. Bush's assassination in 2004, Ashcroft quickly seized power. It was a coup, and nobody stepped up to plate to stop it. Fake media events instead covered other things, like the War on Iraq for one. It was impossible, yet it had happened.

"Thankfully, Ashcroft would not be coming after me," I thought to myself, smirking while walking over to the warehouse. Jeremy was standing there, stretching his legs, practicing his Shaolin, and looking up at the sky. He turned and smiled in welcome.

"Hey Jeremy, everything going alright today?" I asked.
"Yeah man, it's going alright. Vat #9 had a bit of a problem..but all it was was a gasket seal in one of the lines, Gas flow is now operating at 98%, #4 is wearing out, and we've got our techs working on it no--what the FUCK is THAT?"

I looked towards the sky to see a Concorde burst into flames at at least 50,000 feet, and watched in horror as it and its 110+ passengers slammed into the ground in less than 8 seconds at speeds greater than mach 2 into the military base 2 miles away. Flames erupted everywhere, you could hear sirens, air raid sirens, firetruck sirens, military police sirens, as everything went into chaos. The Commander overlooking our section of the base came over the loudspeaker and instructed people to take cover.

We began to do so as Jeremy was ripped to shreds by a loose, spinning helicopter blade less than 2 feet away from me, and as I looked at the bloody mess, people started running and screaming in terror as 3 more fell upon our Natural Gas/Oil refinery that the U.S. Military kept on base for a reserve. Three more people were torn apart, four,five until finally the chopper blades rested on the ground---in buildings, in gas lines, caked in blood, and showing only a miracle that it hadn't ignited the entire refinery into flame.

I found myself home. I didnt know exactly how I got there, but that's where I was. But it wasn't "this" home, it was the home I used to live in, and in a completely different location. I found myself walking through my house, to see my father, ducked behind a wall, sword of cold steel in hand, as a bullet tore through the front door and hit my cat Tripper in the hind quarters.

I freaked out and ran downstairs, to find my girlfriend doing laundry. Oddly, there was tons of it and there were four dryiners and 2 washers at her disposal for some odd reason. She merely smiled at me and went on doing more laundry without any words being exchanged.

I began looking through what was left of my brother's belongings before he left home 6 years prior. I foudn a black military lockbox, and no keys. Having never seen this box, I proceeded to pick the locks with a chisel and a hammer until I broke it open. Inside I found a Military Survival Kit. Good for at least a week. It had everything, from BDU's to the Camoflauge garb to a 9mm with 9 clips fully loaded with tephlon coated bullets. I grabbed everything and put it all on, put on the hat, put the survival knife on my belt, and put the 9mm on a shoulder holster. The hat concealing what was left of my short cropped hair.

As I came back upstairs, I could see my Dad there, screaming to the front door, and as he proceeded to get up and run towards it, I ran screaming ling a banshee on acid right after him, and as he broke the door down the opposite way from whence it was supposed to open, I proceeded to pick off the three people with rifles one by one.
And then all fell to silence. I could see a dark cloud approaching.

From there I found myself in a garden. A beautiful, lush, garden, behind my house. Ripe with vegatables of all sorts, flowers, shrubs, pete moss, and perfectly cut and tendered kentucky blue grass. I decided right then to head back to base, as I didn't even know how I got home in the first place.

I checked in at the guarc tower, signed my name and did the security check, and then proceeded to go back to doing my job, where I was incharge of sections eight and nine of the refinery, both of which were hit hard by the chopper blades. I sent my crews to replace all of the poping, fix all wiring, remove the blades, and then I noticed a large amount of odd looking crates there in the middle of the empty part of the refinery.

As I walked closer, I notticed an odd "humming" sound coming from them all, and upon closer inspection, I noticed that they were all cryo-tubes. One of the people in the tubes opened his eyes and opened the glass, frozen gas erupting off of him, and he said, "We don't appreciate being stacked like this." And he then shut the glass and went back to sleep.

...I promptly had them all unstacked.

As I walked back over to where I lost my friend Jeremy at, the entire scene dlashed back in my head, like it was some kind of terrible nightmare... I looked into the sky, and I could see the usual air traffic around the base. In the dinstance a couple of miles, I could see the tractor-trailer rigs carrying off pieces of the concorde... what was left of it, and taking them to one of the hangers on base.

I leaned back against the warehouse, mere feet from where Jeremy was slaughtered and torn to pieces infront of my eyes, and watched as a wing of F-14's began doing maneuvers. Out of nowhere there was an incredible amount of burst fire coming from an altitude that made the whole thing seem unreal. One of the F'14's went down in an instant, and then I could hear Geiger Coutners going off like mad, as it became apparent that we were being blasted with radiation particles like no tomorrow. We all escaped to the bomb shelter on base, and then we could hear a train coming.

I stepped out of the shelter to go and look, and it wasn't any train. It was a full military train. Armored like hell, with a helicopter on a flat car at the front, and at the back, and 4 full same sites on either end, and in the middles, with vulcan cannons and all sorts of implemenets of destruction. We were ordered to all come aboard, and bring all of the cryo tubes with us, and to prepare for radiation treatment, to decontaminate everyone.

I turned in whitefaced surprise..
"Brother." he spoke to me.
"Bro--" I stuttered. "What's going on?"
He looked at me for a moment that seemed like an eternity, and I noticed that he was in a full 3 star general's uniform o fthe United States Armed Forces. "Father is dead brother."
"I just recieved the report a few moments ago. America is under attack. Reports are coming in from every single coast from Quebec down to Tampa, and from Jeneau to Los Angelos... there's over 330 millin enemy troops landing on our coasts, and the few satelites me have left are showing more. They hit New York, where father was on business. He was driving Trigger down to Manhattan island when some fucking ragheads pulled him ou tof his car and shot him repeatedly in the stomach." His eyes watered, but he remained resolute. "He's gone now little brother." He paused again. "He's gone."
"No..." It wasn't believable. I shed tears, and crumpled.

We remained in silence for a few moments when one of my brothher's commanders busted into the medical car and told him that there was something that he needed to see.

"This.." The commander siad quietly, "Was shot live just a few moments ago."

I looked at the flatvision TV and gasped in horror. Those were british cruisers and battleships...and there they were tearing down manhattan like a toy!

"My god." My brother said quietly to himself, the then grabbed a loudspeaker milke. "Everyone on this train is ordered to sit down and strap in tight. We're heading towards the pan-handle of Oklahoma, where we have a stronghold base waiting for us, and our cargo. You will all be briefed at 21:00." He set down the mike, and turned to me and said quietly. "This was WW3, President Ashcroft started World War, little brother. He pushed the rest of the world too far with his bullshit. And now we're going to fall... but not without a fight, little brother. Not without a fight.

I watched from the distance as my older brother commanded what he had as actualy U.S. Military knocking out Satellites with Pegasus missles-- using whatever he had. Somehow the Soviets and Chinese had managed to put some hunter seeker killer satellites into orbit. And one of them had nuked Washington D.C. into a fiery mess.

We arrived in Western Oklahoma, and at this point in time we had heard that everyin single store in the U.S. was ransacked for food, supplioes, guns, and ammunitions. Every single American Man, Woman, and child old enough to hold a gun and be taught how to use it, had been issued such. The population of the U.S. had already been knocked down to 245 Million, and of those 245M, over 192 Million of them were armed to the teeth, and pissed the fuck off.

Reports came in from the Mississippi, that it had been chosen as a solid line to hold back the onslaught of the enemy. Canada was the only ally we had, and they too, were getting pushed back. But a month prior, they had sent over 300,000 troops into New York to retake NYC and philadelphia right afterwards, and although they succeeded, they lost so many troops, that it was impossible to hold it down.

The U.S. Military underground rail system had now become the most valuble tool that we had. Linking everything from D.C. to seattle, Kansas City to L.A., if it had not been for those crucial, high speed veins, the U.S. would have toppled in less than 6 months.

As it was, I was given command of the Western Command, being the only person that my older brother trusted at this point at all. We had gone through so much in the past few months...lost so much.

The Chinese had sent nearly 1,500,000 troops to the West coast, and were pushing back everyone very quickly, although so many died, so many still kept coming. The west coast took over 5 months to finally be forced to break back to the Rocky Mountains, where there was a line of nearly 90 million Americans and Canadians fighting for their lives, holding the line in order to protect the midwest where all of the food and supplies were coming from.

Air raids from S.A.C. in Nebraska conostantly bombarded the enemies, dwindling their numbers more and more every day, every week, every month, but it was almost as if there was no hope. The eastern seaboard was destroyed and forced into rapid retreat in less than 2 months, aside from tampa florida, which oddly enough, was never taken. Instead it was hit by an I.C.B.M. and destoyred in nuclear fire.

I awoke to a slammin on the door to the small room where I was bunking.

"We found her..."
"Come with us."

I was lead down the sterile hallways of the underground base hospital, to the ICU unit where I saw her recieving an air tube down her throat. Caked in blood, casts on one leg, and one one wrist, and sutures being down on her stomach.
I could not speak a word. I only looked at her. Broken. Dying. IRemembering the last moments we really had together, where me made love by candle light after a night that was never to be forgotten, we journied hand in hand together to other worlds.

"They found her half naked, beatn, and raped, but I think she got the best of them sir. They made a small mistake. They didn't tie her back down. She slaughtered them all in their sleep. All of the bodies were relatively fresh."

I looked at the officer who had just told me, "she was one to get revenge in one way or another." And I smiled a small smile.

A single tear dropped from my eyes, to her left cheek, and I calmly stroked her face, and her eyes opened. She looked at me in pain, and she wanted to speak. But she could not. She instead threw her right hand, the one with the broken wrist and gripped my arm and her eyes bulged, and then she fell into unconsciousness.

I fell to the side of her ICU bed and sobbed uncontrollably for an unknown amount of time, and then I got a call on my head unit. I was mopving out on the next airbus to the Denver airport, to oversee operations in the underground installation therein.

Three years had gone by now. Three... .long... dreadful years. The underground rail system had been purposely destroyed by my older brothers command because it was discovered merely 4 months into the conflict. I then stared aimlessly into the sky.

The skies were hardly ever clear anymore. Usually they were full of red clouds, mirroring the flame of distant cities, slowly burning off oil reserves, or natural gas valved, or just slowly spreading to building that had not yet been touched by live flame.

I then saw another burst of flame raining down. It was raining down to the weat and cornfields!! I radioed up command and instructed my people to have it shot down, and within a few moments there were three wings of B-2's in the air, and one wing fired a salvo of pegasus missiles and waited. The burst fire stopped, and they then proceeded to fire the rest of them.

There were more satellites on the way, and it was better to destroy them now while we could see them. The enemy had become smart in making activation time random on their "satellites of love".

We started hearing reports from all fronts that enemy fire had stopped, and that they were in full retreat. We waited 1 week, 2 weeks, and then we ordered our populous to pursue them to the depths of the sea if they had to.

In less than 1 month the Americans and Canadians had cleansed North America of those who befouled our soil. There was another front already moving down through Mexico, and had already killed and destroyed everything in sight all the way down past Mexico City.

They were ordered to hold position and wait.
Moments later my older brother had given the order to bring our long range bombers out of the safety bunkers. They were all loaded with nukes, and sent to every enemy capital city on the globe.

Needless to say, revenge was exacted. The cost was well known. The death toll was more people dead than there were alive cululatively from ancient times all the way to 1700 A.D. It was estimated that there were less than 2 billion people on planet when it was all done and over with, and at least 500 Million of these were soon to be dead.

Clean up would have been so attrocious that nobody even bothered. What was left of the Americans and Canadians was thus centered into the MidWest. The new capital was claimed as Topeka, Kansas. Being as how it was the only capital building that was untouched throughout the entire conflict.

There was a massive celebration in downtown Topeka, a horrendously humoungous parade celebrating the war heroes. My elder brother, and myself. Seeing as how my brother led America as it's president, and as it's supreme commander of the armed forces, and led it to victory. And then there was me. His second in command, and leader of the Western Front.

There was an explosion out of nowhere coming from half a mile away. The hospital. The parade stopped dead, and a huge bansee war cry erupted from the crowd in anger, but not as what was thought. Gunfire rang out.

All I could think of was about her. And now she was gone.... Dead.

I wheeled around as I saw my brother's face cringe in rage as he pulled out his desert eagle, and began picking off rooftop snipers as they tried to take us out. I pulled out my matching desert eagle and began doing the same, following his movements, covering his flanks, tears rolling off of my cheeks.

It was a split second of timing, as I saw my brother's head jolt back and explode as I felt a twinge of pressure between my eyes as my vision went black just a split second before I saw my brother's blood gush over me.

This is a dream that was so incredibly detailed that it has taken me forever to put back together completely, and write out. It was so real that to my subconscious mind, it took every sense I have and multiplied it by a factor of ten. I woke up with a splitting headache, eminating from right between my eyes, and a nosebleed. I woke up screaming and nearly put a dent in my [at the time] girlfriend's face.

It gets worse. Think. President.... Ashcroft. *shudders*

Also, the thing that really freaks my ass out, is that the 1972 Cutlass was in my dream--6 months or so before I knew it even existed. I'll also add, that this was long before I ever even thought about cutting my hair. Also, as much as I tried to think about it, I never did figure out what the cryogenic tube people were, or what they meant for that matter.

I talked to my dad about this, and he told me that a long time ago, after my mom and dad got divorced, he sat me and my brother down for a talk; "If you two lose me, it will be the two of you back to back against the world."