Monday, December 10, 2007

Weird. December 10th, 2007.

I was in a car with two girls, and we drove up to a house where we were supposed to be having a party. We pulled into the driveway after waiting for some guy to get his shopping carts out of the way.

We noticed that the entire driveway and yard was full, but it was because the people next door were having a party too and their traffic overflowed into their neighbors. We hopped out of the car to run in through the back, but we couldn't get in until we had had a shower.

The two girls and I stripped down and were all bathing. Nobody could see us but us. We were washing each other from head to toe, but nothing else happened. They finished and toweled off and got dressed to go inside.

I was doing the same and some guy came out of nowhere demanding I give him the pizza he ordered. I reached to the right and pulled a pizza out of a warmer and handed it to him and he said thanks and left. I went inside and there were two people fighting. Some guy with blueish tinted skin and some girl with pinkish/tannish skin.

"ATTENSHUN!" I yelled out. They both stood at attention and I told them both to straighten the fuck up or get lost. I had a piece of cheesecake, and then I walked into the next room and beat the shit out of the blueish dude and slammed his face into a wall.

I left him there bleeding, and walked out to the main room, where I was jumped by the pinkish tannish girl. I had to defend myself, but she wasn't after violence. Um. After that, I walked back into the kitchen and answered a phone. Nothing happened. I just answered it.

I went outside and found Spider playing with explosives. He tossed a bottle over to me and a couple of wires and an ignition switch. So we sat there playing with explosives while people behind us watched movies on a big screen tv. Someone yelled something about the girls in the living room who were having sex keeping it the fuck down.

We placed an explosive out by the bird bath, and then forgot about it. Christian took off, and when I went back inside, there was this guy fiddling with the explosives yelling at me about how dangerously I created them. They were full of shrapnel and coins and little metal bits, and he bitched me out because apparently he threw one into the air and a bird grabbed it, ate it, and exploded.

I went outside to find out if this was true or not and sure enough, there was a dead hawk out by the pond. I picked it up and played hacki-sack with its dead carcass. After I kicked it into the pond with a few rocks in its stomach, I headed back inside.

My Dad and his girlfriend were there with a box of specially shaped blue stones. And my Dad handed me a box of explosives and said that he was so upset that I didn't know how to properly fill and set a charge. He handed me one of the stones and put a wire on it and smiled.

I took a few of the stones and placed them around the foundation of the neighbor's house, set the timer, and bolted. A few minutes later, the house exploded straight into the air, hit a cloud and got stuck.

Everyone strated yelling and screaming, singing and dancing. I walked back inside, and everybody gave me a thumbs up and sprouted feathered wings and flew up to the other house. I smiled, and walked along the hedge of trees. As I walked further away, the lake exploded, and I bolted for cover from the to get out of the way from the toxic liquids.

I found a car. Keys were in. I left. The car phone began to ring, and I picked it up.

I woke up with my cellphone to my ear. Crazy shit.

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Spider said...

That dream was awesome. :D