Monday, December 10, 2007

Weird. December 10th, 2007.

I was in a car with two girls, and we drove up to a house where we were supposed to be having a party. We pulled into the driveway after waiting for some guy to get his shopping carts out of the way.

We noticed that the entire driveway and yard was full, but it was because the people next door were having a party too and their traffic overflowed into their neighbors. We hopped out of the car to run in through the back, but we couldn't get in until we had had a shower.

The two girls and I stripped down and were all bathing. Nobody could see us but us. We were washing each other from head to toe, but nothing else happened. They finished and toweled off and got dressed to go inside.

I was doing the same and some guy came out of nowhere demanding I give him the pizza he ordered. I reached to the right and pulled a pizza out of a warmer and handed it to him and he said thanks and left. I went inside and there were two people fighting. Some guy with blueish tinted skin and some girl with pinkish/tannish skin.

"ATTENSHUN!" I yelled out. They both stood at attention and I told them both to straighten the fuck up or get lost. I had a piece of cheesecake, and then I walked into the next room and beat the shit out of the blueish dude and slammed his face into a wall.

I left him there bleeding, and walked out to the main room, where I was jumped by the pinkish tannish girl. I had to defend myself, but she wasn't after violence. Um. After that, I walked back into the kitchen and answered a phone. Nothing happened. I just answered it.

I went outside and found Spider playing with explosives. He tossed a bottle over to me and a couple of wires and an ignition switch. So we sat there playing with explosives while people behind us watched movies on a big screen tv. Someone yelled something about the girls in the living room who were having sex keeping it the fuck down.

We placed an explosive out by the bird bath, and then forgot about it. Christian took off, and when I went back inside, there was this guy fiddling with the explosives yelling at me about how dangerously I created them. They were full of shrapnel and coins and little metal bits, and he bitched me out because apparently he threw one into the air and a bird grabbed it, ate it, and exploded.

I went outside to find out if this was true or not and sure enough, there was a dead hawk out by the pond. I picked it up and played hacki-sack with its dead carcass. After I kicked it into the pond with a few rocks in its stomach, I headed back inside.

My Dad and his girlfriend were there with a box of specially shaped blue stones. And my Dad handed me a box of explosives and said that he was so upset that I didn't know how to properly fill and set a charge. He handed me one of the stones and put a wire on it and smiled.

I took a few of the stones and placed them around the foundation of the neighbor's house, set the timer, and bolted. A few minutes later, the house exploded straight into the air, hit a cloud and got stuck.

Everyone strated yelling and screaming, singing and dancing. I walked back inside, and everybody gave me a thumbs up and sprouted feathered wings and flew up to the other house. I smiled, and walked along the hedge of trees. As I walked further away, the lake exploded, and I bolted for cover from the to get out of the way from the toxic liquids.

I found a car. Keys were in. I left. The car phone began to ring, and I picked it up.

I woke up with my cellphone to my ear. Crazy shit.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Mid April 2002--World War III Dream

This is a dream that I had last night (*cough cough* 2002 *cough cough*), it is posted completely uncensored, completely untouched from my subconscious mind's state from whence it came... and incase you are all wondering...this was so unbelieveably real to me...that I woke scared shitless, screaming, and w/ cold sweat....., oh, and I've now revised parts as they come back into plain view memory, rather than blurs. Fade to black. That and I know I lived every day of two to three years... most of which I can vaguely remember.

I walked onto base after shutting the door to my old Cutlass Convertible. Checked in through security, after listening to the raedio about President Ashcroft and his off key, stupid ways with dealing with every other country around the world. The man actually attempted to annex everything from the eastern border of Israel all the way to India, naming it the 51st American state, and then proceedd to move all of the inhabitants to prisoner camps to rival that of the holocause with the Jewish in the second world War. Needless to say, I was pissed off about this, yet savagely sickened at the same time. It was unreal, and nobody knew how Ashcroft even got into office. --Twice.

After George W. Bush's assassination in 2004, Ashcroft quickly seized power. It was a coup, and nobody stepped up to plate to stop it. Fake media events instead covered other things, like the War on Iraq for one. It was impossible, yet it had happened.

"Thankfully, Ashcroft would not be coming after me," I thought to myself, smirking while walking over to the warehouse. Jeremy was standing there, stretching his legs, practicing his Shaolin, and looking up at the sky. He turned and smiled in welcome.

"Hey Jeremy, everything going alright today?" I asked.
"Yeah man, it's going alright. Vat #9 had a bit of a problem..but all it was was a gasket seal in one of the lines, Gas flow is now operating at 98%, #4 is wearing out, and we've got our techs working on it no--what the FUCK is THAT?"

I looked towards the sky to see a Concorde burst into flames at at least 50,000 feet, and watched in horror as it and its 110+ passengers slammed into the ground in less than 8 seconds at speeds greater than mach 2 into the military base 2 miles away. Flames erupted everywhere, you could hear sirens, air raid sirens, firetruck sirens, military police sirens, as everything went into chaos. The Commander overlooking our section of the base came over the loudspeaker and instructed people to take cover.

We began to do so as Jeremy was ripped to shreds by a loose, spinning helicopter blade less than 2 feet away from me, and as I looked at the bloody mess, people started running and screaming in terror as 3 more fell upon our Natural Gas/Oil refinery that the U.S. Military kept on base for a reserve. Three more people were torn apart, four,five until finally the chopper blades rested on the ground---in buildings, in gas lines, caked in blood, and showing only a miracle that it hadn't ignited the entire refinery into flame.

I found myself home. I didnt know exactly how I got there, but that's where I was. But it wasn't "this" home, it was the home I used to live in, and in a completely different location. I found myself walking through my house, to see my father, ducked behind a wall, sword of cold steel in hand, as a bullet tore through the front door and hit my cat Tripper in the hind quarters.

I freaked out and ran downstairs, to find my girlfriend doing laundry. Oddly, there was tons of it and there were four dryiners and 2 washers at her disposal for some odd reason. She merely smiled at me and went on doing more laundry without any words being exchanged.

I began looking through what was left of my brother's belongings before he left home 6 years prior. I foudn a black military lockbox, and no keys. Having never seen this box, I proceeded to pick the locks with a chisel and a hammer until I broke it open. Inside I found a Military Survival Kit. Good for at least a week. It had everything, from BDU's to the Camoflauge garb to a 9mm with 9 clips fully loaded with tephlon coated bullets. I grabbed everything and put it all on, put on the hat, put the survival knife on my belt, and put the 9mm on a shoulder holster. The hat concealing what was left of my short cropped hair.

As I came back upstairs, I could see my Dad there, screaming to the front door, and as he proceeded to get up and run towards it, I ran screaming ling a banshee on acid right after him, and as he broke the door down the opposite way from whence it was supposed to open, I proceeded to pick off the three people with rifles one by one.
And then all fell to silence. I could see a dark cloud approaching.

From there I found myself in a garden. A beautiful, lush, garden, behind my house. Ripe with vegatables of all sorts, flowers, shrubs, pete moss, and perfectly cut and tendered kentucky blue grass. I decided right then to head back to base, as I didn't even know how I got home in the first place.

I checked in at the guarc tower, signed my name and did the security check, and then proceeded to go back to doing my job, where I was incharge of sections eight and nine of the refinery, both of which were hit hard by the chopper blades. I sent my crews to replace all of the poping, fix all wiring, remove the blades, and then I noticed a large amount of odd looking crates there in the middle of the empty part of the refinery.

As I walked closer, I notticed an odd "humming" sound coming from them all, and upon closer inspection, I noticed that they were all cryo-tubes. One of the people in the tubes opened his eyes and opened the glass, frozen gas erupting off of him, and he said, "We don't appreciate being stacked like this." And he then shut the glass and went back to sleep.

...I promptly had them all unstacked.

As I walked back over to where I lost my friend Jeremy at, the entire scene dlashed back in my head, like it was some kind of terrible nightmare... I looked into the sky, and I could see the usual air traffic around the base. In the dinstance a couple of miles, I could see the tractor-trailer rigs carrying off pieces of the concorde... what was left of it, and taking them to one of the hangers on base.

I leaned back against the warehouse, mere feet from where Jeremy was slaughtered and torn to pieces infront of my eyes, and watched as a wing of F-14's began doing maneuvers. Out of nowhere there was an incredible amount of burst fire coming from an altitude that made the whole thing seem unreal. One of the F'14's went down in an instant, and then I could hear Geiger Coutners going off like mad, as it became apparent that we were being blasted with radiation particles like no tomorrow. We all escaped to the bomb shelter on base, and then we could hear a train coming.

I stepped out of the shelter to go and look, and it wasn't any train. It was a full military train. Armored like hell, with a helicopter on a flat car at the front, and at the back, and 4 full same sites on either end, and in the middles, with vulcan cannons and all sorts of implemenets of destruction. We were ordered to all come aboard, and bring all of the cryo tubes with us, and to prepare for radiation treatment, to decontaminate everyone.

I turned in whitefaced surprise..
"Brother." he spoke to me.
"Bro--" I stuttered. "What's going on?"
He looked at me for a moment that seemed like an eternity, and I noticed that he was in a full 3 star general's uniform o fthe United States Armed Forces. "Father is dead brother."
"I just recieved the report a few moments ago. America is under attack. Reports are coming in from every single coast from Quebec down to Tampa, and from Jeneau to Los Angelos... there's over 330 millin enemy troops landing on our coasts, and the few satelites me have left are showing more. They hit New York, where father was on business. He was driving Trigger down to Manhattan island when some fucking ragheads pulled him ou tof his car and shot him repeatedly in the stomach." His eyes watered, but he remained resolute. "He's gone now little brother." He paused again. "He's gone."
"No..." It wasn't believable. I shed tears, and crumpled.

We remained in silence for a few moments when one of my brothher's commanders busted into the medical car and told him that there was something that he needed to see.

"This.." The commander siad quietly, "Was shot live just a few moments ago."

I looked at the flatvision TV and gasped in horror. Those were british cruisers and battleships...and there they were tearing down manhattan like a toy!

"My god." My brother said quietly to himself, the then grabbed a loudspeaker milke. "Everyone on this train is ordered to sit down and strap in tight. We're heading towards the pan-handle of Oklahoma, where we have a stronghold base waiting for us, and our cargo. You will all be briefed at 21:00." He set down the mike, and turned to me and said quietly. "This was WW3, President Ashcroft started World War, little brother. He pushed the rest of the world too far with his bullshit. And now we're going to fall... but not without a fight, little brother. Not without a fight.

I watched from the distance as my older brother commanded what he had as actualy U.S. Military knocking out Satellites with Pegasus missles-- using whatever he had. Somehow the Soviets and Chinese had managed to put some hunter seeker killer satellites into orbit. And one of them had nuked Washington D.C. into a fiery mess.

We arrived in Western Oklahoma, and at this point in time we had heard that everyin single store in the U.S. was ransacked for food, supplioes, guns, and ammunitions. Every single American Man, Woman, and child old enough to hold a gun and be taught how to use it, had been issued such. The population of the U.S. had already been knocked down to 245 Million, and of those 245M, over 192 Million of them were armed to the teeth, and pissed the fuck off.

Reports came in from the Mississippi, that it had been chosen as a solid line to hold back the onslaught of the enemy. Canada was the only ally we had, and they too, were getting pushed back. But a month prior, they had sent over 300,000 troops into New York to retake NYC and philadelphia right afterwards, and although they succeeded, they lost so many troops, that it was impossible to hold it down.

The U.S. Military underground rail system had now become the most valuble tool that we had. Linking everything from D.C. to seattle, Kansas City to L.A., if it had not been for those crucial, high speed veins, the U.S. would have toppled in less than 6 months.

As it was, I was given command of the Western Command, being the only person that my older brother trusted at this point at all. We had gone through so much in the past few months...lost so much.

The Chinese had sent nearly 1,500,000 troops to the West coast, and were pushing back everyone very quickly, although so many died, so many still kept coming. The west coast took over 5 months to finally be forced to break back to the Rocky Mountains, where there was a line of nearly 90 million Americans and Canadians fighting for their lives, holding the line in order to protect the midwest where all of the food and supplies were coming from.

Air raids from S.A.C. in Nebraska conostantly bombarded the enemies, dwindling their numbers more and more every day, every week, every month, but it was almost as if there was no hope. The eastern seaboard was destroyed and forced into rapid retreat in less than 2 months, aside from tampa florida, which oddly enough, was never taken. Instead it was hit by an I.C.B.M. and destoyred in nuclear fire.

I awoke to a slammin on the door to the small room where I was bunking.

"We found her..."
"Come with us."

I was lead down the sterile hallways of the underground base hospital, to the ICU unit where I saw her recieving an air tube down her throat. Caked in blood, casts on one leg, and one one wrist, and sutures being down on her stomach.
I could not speak a word. I only looked at her. Broken. Dying. IRemembering the last moments we really had together, where me made love by candle light after a night that was never to be forgotten, we journied hand in hand together to other worlds.

"They found her half naked, beatn, and raped, but I think she got the best of them sir. They made a small mistake. They didn't tie her back down. She slaughtered them all in their sleep. All of the bodies were relatively fresh."

I looked at the officer who had just told me, "she was one to get revenge in one way or another." And I smiled a small smile.

A single tear dropped from my eyes, to her left cheek, and I calmly stroked her face, and her eyes opened. She looked at me in pain, and she wanted to speak. But she could not. She instead threw her right hand, the one with the broken wrist and gripped my arm and her eyes bulged, and then she fell into unconsciousness.

I fell to the side of her ICU bed and sobbed uncontrollably for an unknown amount of time, and then I got a call on my head unit. I was mopving out on the next airbus to the Denver airport, to oversee operations in the underground installation therein.

Three years had gone by now. Three... .long... dreadful years. The underground rail system had been purposely destroyed by my older brothers command because it was discovered merely 4 months into the conflict. I then stared aimlessly into the sky.

The skies were hardly ever clear anymore. Usually they were full of red clouds, mirroring the flame of distant cities, slowly burning off oil reserves, or natural gas valved, or just slowly spreading to building that had not yet been touched by live flame.

I then saw another burst of flame raining down. It was raining down to the weat and cornfields!! I radioed up command and instructed my people to have it shot down, and within a few moments there were three wings of B-2's in the air, and one wing fired a salvo of pegasus missiles and waited. The burst fire stopped, and they then proceeded to fire the rest of them.

There were more satellites on the way, and it was better to destroy them now while we could see them. The enemy had become smart in making activation time random on their "satellites of love".

We started hearing reports from all fronts that enemy fire had stopped, and that they were in full retreat. We waited 1 week, 2 weeks, and then we ordered our populous to pursue them to the depths of the sea if they had to.

In less than 1 month the Americans and Canadians had cleansed North America of those who befouled our soil. There was another front already moving down through Mexico, and had already killed and destroyed everything in sight all the way down past Mexico City.

They were ordered to hold position and wait.
Moments later my older brother had given the order to bring our long range bombers out of the safety bunkers. They were all loaded with nukes, and sent to every enemy capital city on the globe.

Needless to say, revenge was exacted. The cost was well known. The death toll was more people dead than there were alive cululatively from ancient times all the way to 1700 A.D. It was estimated that there were less than 2 billion people on planet when it was all done and over with, and at least 500 Million of these were soon to be dead.

Clean up would have been so attrocious that nobody even bothered. What was left of the Americans and Canadians was thus centered into the MidWest. The new capital was claimed as Topeka, Kansas. Being as how it was the only capital building that was untouched throughout the entire conflict.

There was a massive celebration in downtown Topeka, a horrendously humoungous parade celebrating the war heroes. My elder brother, and myself. Seeing as how my brother led America as it's president, and as it's supreme commander of the armed forces, and led it to victory. And then there was me. His second in command, and leader of the Western Front.

There was an explosion out of nowhere coming from half a mile away. The hospital. The parade stopped dead, and a huge bansee war cry erupted from the crowd in anger, but not as what was thought. Gunfire rang out.

All I could think of was about her. And now she was gone.... Dead.

I wheeled around as I saw my brother's face cringe in rage as he pulled out his desert eagle, and began picking off rooftop snipers as they tried to take us out. I pulled out my matching desert eagle and began doing the same, following his movements, covering his flanks, tears rolling off of my cheeks.

It was a split second of timing, as I saw my brother's head jolt back and explode as I felt a twinge of pressure between my eyes as my vision went black just a split second before I saw my brother's blood gush over me.

This is a dream that was so incredibly detailed that it has taken me forever to put back together completely, and write out. It was so real that to my subconscious mind, it took every sense I have and multiplied it by a factor of ten. I woke up with a splitting headache, eminating from right between my eyes, and a nosebleed. I woke up screaming and nearly put a dent in my [at the time] girlfriend's face.

It gets worse. Think. President.... Ashcroft. *shudders*

Also, the thing that really freaks my ass out, is that the 1972 Cutlass was in my dream--6 months or so before I knew it even existed. I'll also add, that this was long before I ever even thought about cutting my hair. Also, as much as I tried to think about it, I never did figure out what the cryogenic tube people were, or what they meant for that matter.

I talked to my dad about this, and he told me that a long time ago, after my mom and dad got divorced, he sat me and my brother down for a talk; "If you two lose me, it will be the two of you back to back against the world."

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dreamscape 12/21/06

I snapped to. I could feel the warmth around me hugging like a nicely knit sweater. It was pleasant, loving, nurturing. My face felt as though it was going to split open because of my smile. The emotion of love encircled me as though it were magic.

A cold sharp sensation rang into my surroundings and I quickly struggled to my feet, looking around, sensation fading slightly. I could feel a threat of some kind, unknown... what is this? What is this about?

A golden ray of light shone down from the sky above me. Invigorating, intoxicating, warm, and addictive. It stopped rather abruptly leaving me cold again with the other sensation wrapping itself aroundd me area of consciousness.

Two men I know by the name of 'Tom' appeared into the dwindilng light and stared at me. The tall one was very calm and collected. The shorter one was menacing and cruel looking. The short one charged at me and I somehow became incredibly fluid, as though I understood each and every movement he was going to make. The tall one vanished from view entirely.

The short Tom brandished a sword of cold steel and I reached for Dancer at my belt and unsheathed her, taking my defensive stance. His eyes were cold and unjust, full of hatred and putrid vile scum. It burned my soul to look into those eyes, but I stared still, staring this.. . thing.. this demon down.
He closed in slowly and with blinding speed he struck, but Dancer was there to deflect the blow and I countered quickly forcing him to bound back. He continued to do this several times with no success, then went berserk.

He spoke in some kind of tongue that I did not understand. I understood that it was mocking me in some way, but did not understand what was said. Now I assaulted him back, our swords clashing with speeds that would make any master of the sword nod in approval of skill with the blades as we danced across the grass at one another.

He caught me.
Dancer flew out of my hand and as he homed in for a strike to my neck. I jerked out of the way just in time, and planted a barefisted blow to his jawbone and jarring his elbow. His sword fell to the ground as he reeled back. I picked it up and attempted to shatter it against a nearby rock. Rather than shatter, it melted into a flattened piece of dull tin foil like substance. It was rather useless. I cast it aside and picked up Dancer. He scowled at me and darted into the shadows.

I took a step back, and the grass was gone. A snake bit into my thigh and I fell back off of a cliff, barely catching myself on the ledge. My grip weakened and I dropped.

I awoke in a large atrium or mall of somekind. The ambient sound was very busy, very ... neutral. I came to my feet and a staff found itself in my hand. I looked towards where it had been launched or thrown from. There was the taller Tom standing there with a staff all the same, and he beckoned me to come to him. I threw the staff down refusing the challenge, and he shrugged and launched his own at me as he ran towards me, grabbing the one I had cast aside.

The ambient sound increased several times over as eyes turned towards us. Each new attack was different, unknown, unpredictable. I barely managed to hold my own against him. He took a last swing and I lept into a backflip landing to my feet with staff pointing directly at him. He came at me again, knocking my feet out from under me. I flowed with the movement, using the extra momentum to flip my own staff out at his feet and did a kickflip back to the ground as I cracked the staff against his skull. The sensation of 'wow ninja' was incredible. I actually felt kickin' rad. He was beaten. Everyone clapped and cheered as I held the staff and arms out and threw my persona off at the audience. Strangely enough, there were three mexican's bowing their heads and waving at me.

The audience faded and the room turned blood red, with the ambience of a white noise generator with the flooding of pure loving emotion. My eyes jerked out tears and I began sobbing uncontrollably, curled into the fetal position in a circle of dark red, frightened. Although the presence was warm and protecting, I still felt frightened and continued to cry. The tears stopped, a gentle hand wiped them away.

A bright figure stood infront of me, although I could not bring myself to meet it's eyes, or even tell if it was male or female. It's hand nudged my chin and I heard the words "MAKE READY!" and I deflected a blade with Dancer as it shot right through the bright figure as it disappeared. I heard a blood curdling snarl as it struck again, and again, and again. I was only barely able to deflect the last one and felt a blade cut across the top of my left pinky finger.

My eyes still wet, I felt a passion of love, and an equivocal fury flush through me like a tsunami and I felt an energy wave flow out from my body as I lurched towards the shorter Tom (as I could now see). I saw his eyes spark the sensation of fear as he tried to deflect my attack over and over again. The surroundings turned into more of a hallway with large boulders strewn around it. A sensation in my chest kept me going, as it felt as though my honor was at stake here if I did not finish this here and now. He turned tail to run, and I threw dancer with a deadly accuracy that I thought was only reserved for special effects in movies, pinning him to a wall.

I bolted up behind him, whispering into his ear, something which I cannot remember, but I remember his eyes quivering in naked fear. I released the sword from his clothing, dropping him to the ground and he ran off looking back to make sure I was not chasing after him to kill him.

I took a long sigh of relief, shutting my eyes momentarilly to gather the calmness after the storm. When I opened my eyes, I was on a stage, in a costume. I began to sing as though I was the lead, with a cigarette hanging out of my mouth the entire time. It was a pseudo operatic techno piece (however the hell that works!). I sang from the very depths of my soul, recieved a standing ovation (don't remember much of this part at all!) and then I found myself walking down a dark path.

My hand was clasped in another's gentle hand. Although I could not see who it was, I felt the presence of love. I looked straight ahead, hand in hand, and as we walked down the dark path, things lit up around us as the path slowly revealed itself to us.

I awoke feeling as though I could choke on my own tears, but I had a smile on my face as I got out of bed to head to the shower. And I must say, today was an incredible day.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Dreamscape 7/26/05

I had the dream again. One that I only remembered because I found my signature in the same book that I had signed several years ago. The palace, which is what I will refer to it as from here forward, consists of several thousand rooms. It's the equivilent to a maze, but it's very easy to get out---but very, very difficult to get in.

The maze, I believe, is my subconscious way of saying that it's hard to get into my head. I think.


I'm moving. I'm not moving myself though. As I look up, I see that I'm in a large vehicle. Not necessarily in it, but on it. I'm sitting on a tank. Why am I holding a fully automatic rifle? I put it down and pull out a pistol instead. The streets are busy. I want to think it's Branson Missouri--and in a way, it just might be. The feel of it is proper. I've been here before, and I know that I've been here before.

The entrance is just ahead, I can see it, but I can't make out the words on the sign. As I come closer they become more garbled, almost as if pixelated. I put a bullet in the sign out of frustration. My eyes are better than that, and that makes no sense. Especially since I can read the fine print of "must be this tall to enter" on one of the doors across the channel. The tank drives through the doors that open for it, and as the tank pulls into the parking/landing pad, the driver gets out. A friend of mine from a long time past. He nods curtly, withdrawing from the tank with his own automatic rifle in hand. No uniform--as I notice I'm not wearing one either.

I ask him what the plan is here, and he only responds with a quote that I'd learned to hate, then learned to accept a long, long time later. "Do what you like." I visibly twitch at this, but I say nothing. It's not my place anymore. We both step off of the tank, and he throws the keys to the valet park people as we enter through the doors adjacent to the pad.

Inside is the largest corridor you'd ever imagine seeing. It's walls tall. It's ceilings and floors wide. The path long, and seemingly unending. My friend takes the first few steps, as I start immediately after. We both smash our faces on an invisible wall. Turns out it's the best painting we've ever seen, and we're really in a very small corridor. We shrug at one another and I lead to the right. He taps me on the shoulder and hands me my rifle, stated that I forgot it. I shrug again and put it around my shoulder. We keep walking both groaning about our faces.

We find the door and enter. Omonia Square, Athens. My friend (we'll call him Byron from here forward) looks rather confused. Befuddled. I know this place. Hell, I miss this place. I wish I could go back. Maybe this means I wish I could take my friends with me to help them share and bask in the splendors of the place. I turn to him and explain that I know where we are, and to follow me.

Byron and I walk down the main avenue for probably two miles when we find the place that I didn't know I was looking for until I found it. It looks like a small internet cafe on the outside. We step inside, and all there is is a couple of ropes. We both attach harnesses to ourselves, and latch on to rapel down.

It's a long, long drop. Whenever we would think it was the end it would just open more. Like an endless pit. Not one of darkness though. Every time we pass something, Byron looks more and more confused, and I look more familiar with my surroundings. We keep going. Down, down, down. Suddenly the ropes cut. We both begin to fall. Our control is gone. What do we do? Nothing. There's nothing to do. It looks as we're about to die.

Byron looks at me and calls me by name. "I love you Bro." Is all he says before he ignites into flame. I say nothing. I can't say anything. There's nothing to say. My vocal chords refuse to work. A tear runs down my cheek as I fall silently down into the abyss, watching him burn brighter and brighter, silently. I hear something behind me. There's a noise. Something familiar. I turn to look at it, wiping the tears from my eyes.


I wake up. I remember this place. I wiggle my toes, knowing that considering how long I fell, I had to have been moving at least 30-50mph. The only question is why was I not dead? Was it a dream? Did I imagine it? I get up and look around. I feel my skin go white as I see a smoldering blackened carcass. I walk slowly over to it and look. Byron's eyes open as wide as the day is long and he gasps for air at me, and reaches out his hand for me, but I jolt back out of shock and he barely misses me as he suddenly falls silent.

I don't know how long I sat there next to him and cried. It could have been minutes, hours, or even days. But it felt like an eternity. I looked around again in the green grasses. I realize that it's just the way of this place fertilizing itself. It seems that nobody ever gets past this part. As I look around more closely, I see bones. Old bleached bones of not so many, but far too many people.

I stumble out through what I see as an exit to this grove. Beyond it I see an immense chasm. In the middle there is a floating platform. On the sides I see fine groves and greeneries very similar to what I stand in. As I look more closely at the platform, I think I see something. I pull out a pair of binoculars to check. I don't believe what I see. I look again, and this time he looks back. It's... me... One eye pure red. A dark red that you would think that it would only exist in the deepest of Dante's levels. The other, a light blue, almost sky blue, but unbelievably bright, almost like an arc welder. He looks at me deeply. I'm suddenly paralyzed. He begins to float up into the sky, holding his arm out in my direction. Suddenly I'm floating over to him, although more like psychokinetically grabbed and pulled over in a very unkind manor.

He looks at me deeply again, almost as if he's scanning every part of my mind. Looking for something that he cannot find. Or maybe he did find it. He punches me square in the mouth. Picks me up without touching me, and kidney punches me. For the next few moments he treats me like his own private punching bag, and then he drops me on the ground.

"You wouldn't listen to me when I you needed me. So maybe I no longer need you." And he hits me again. His eyes seem to glow even darker, yet brighter (per eye) at the same time, which seems impossible. "Look at this place, and what you have wreaked!" He holds my head up to look at the greeneries, and points me back to Byron's body. I understand why it's all so green now. I begin to convulse.

The world shatters around me. I seek to end it all. Make the silence come. When he turns his back for a moment, I lunge myself off the platform, into the darkness. I fall for what feels like an eternity. My fall is broken abruptly, and without warning. The ear shattering "Crack" that I hear and feel when I land causes me to scream out in pain.

I hear nothing. No echo. No stir of leaves. No bugs. No wind. Just... silence. I can hear my heart beat, I can hear my hand grabbing my shattered shoulder and collarbone, ignoring my bleeding face. I am in an old room. A very old room. Seemingly 19th century. Maybe something that you'd expect in an old mansion somewhere. The silence is earshattering itself. I grunt and groan trying to get to my feet.

"SIT YOUR ASS DOWN!" I hear from the other direction. I turn to look, realizing that it's far too red from one eye being covered in blood for me to see properly. I recognize that voice. I...

I wake up again. I can see with both eyes now. My arm works, my collarbone doesn't feel pain anymore either. Where did she go? She was here just a bit ago. There's a note on the table. I pick it up and try to open the envelope. It won't budge. I look at the back. It says "To be opened only when you've grown up." It's too bazaar, I struggle with the thin paper envelope for a few moments. It won't rip, tear, or anything. I find a knife and try to cut it. The knife goes dull in an instant. I say to myself out loud, "Talk about a slap in the face."

I get up to leave the room. As I exit the door, I find myself in a lobby. There's another me standing there. This one doesn't really look like me. On account of the tits, long hair, and no show of 'omg man face'. But I can tell it's an odd copy of myself, albeit shorter, and seemingly more fit [At least now I can look back at that and know what it was, in my dream it was just really freaking fucked up and freaky]. She looks at me and says nothing. Goes back to doing whatever she was doing.
There's a man behind the desk. Definitely another copy of me. He's 6'5" at least, on account of being a bit taller than me, and he's gotta weigh about 230 pounds of nothing but pure muscle. He asks if I would like to sign the guest book. I look over to the guest book. It's massive. It has a ribbon bookmark going down the middle, and there's a beautiful fountain pen sitting next to it. I notice that there's only a few signatures in here, and I ask why. He only responds by saying that I would understand later. [Note: I don't remember the other signatures except for three, and those are personal damnit ;o] There were seven signatures, 4 of which I recognized. 1 of which, was my own. I put my John Hancock right there in big bold manuscript. I wonder to myself as to where I learned to write like that.

I take a closer look at the lobby and I realize that the windows aren't really windows at all, but they're doorways to something else entirely. I step through one, and I'm no longer in the lobby, or anywhere close. I'm in another gigantic room. This one seems like a school. It ... is a school. I recognize many of the people here.

I walk around closeby where all of the tables are. Someone calls my name and I walk over to where the sound came from. The conversation is a long and drawn out one about theories of the universe and how to make strawberry jam taste 'purple'. Quite a jump from the norm, but typical. I head into the bathroom since I need to go. There's gotta be several hundred stalls in here. I pick the empty one, and walk in front of it and do my business. Suddenly everyone in there doing their business starts talking to one another. I finish up, and proceed towards the sink to wash my hands.

"Hello." A female voice says.

"Excuse me?" I respond back. Her accent is British. Plain as day, British.

"I need an escort to the erogenous zone."

"WHAT?!" I jolt back in shock. Who the hell is this girl?

"To the erogenous zone, what, I didn't stutter, did I?"

"Uh, no, you didn't." This girl isn't quite drop-dead-gorgeous, but she certainly is quite a looker. I wash my hands while trying to figure out what the hell this is all about. "But why are you looking in the mens bathroom for an escort to the erogenous zone?"

"I was waiting for you."

"Oh." That's about as simple a response as I could muster.

I take her by the hand out of the bathroom, and I let her lead to wherever she was wanting to go. I didn't recognize this place, how should I? Although technically I should, since I've been here before--as per my signature. She drags me through doorway after doorway. Each time we go through a doorway I see something different. Something familiar but distant. Sometimes very close but unfamiliar. Each doorway, as I start to realize where I am. What I've been traversing this entire time. I stop the girl in her tracks, and explain to her what I think I've just figured out. I look away for a second, and then she's suddenly gone.

I'm alone again. This room is a bright orange. I try to look through a window...or a door. But there are none. As I turn around again, there's a huge fucking eye. Staring at me. The orange around it comes up to enclose it as it blinks. The eye comes closer to me, and opens wider, and the pupil dialates. I see the lens shear itself off like a tiny door. I step inside.

Charles DuGalle International Airport. With it's many automatic sidewalks, escalator automatic sidewalks. Hundreds of people flowing through here. The security checkpoints are even more tight than I remember. I go through the security checkpoint myself, and I'm somewhere else again.

This time I just find myself sitting in the front row in front of a sand pit. There's moving sand directly under me. Some guy with an Australian accent comes out and starts talking about the thing under the sand. The way he describes it makes me laugh out loud, and makes everyone else stare at me like I'm an idiot.
"This here is the Large Purple Wurm. It has a 2d10 hit die, and a CR of 9. Thankfully, I'm level 9 meself, so this won't be much of a problem for me. I'm also a fighter, so I've got quite a few feats to use in my favor, whereas the purple wurm you see hea, does not. I have a feat in "jam thumb in butthole", and another feat in "hump dead body"."
I fell to the ground laughing so hard I went into tears. Finally I pulled myself back up, and there was the purple worm, sliced into several hundred pieces, and a chef came out and cooked it while I was laughing. The Aussie was busy humping the rump. Everybody around me was eating. I took a bite of the wurm. Well done. Tasted like snail. Which coincidentally, tastes just like chicken.

A note fell into my plate after I was done. No clue where it came from. "Meet me at the peak after the stars have fallen to us." I look around, wondering who could have dropped it. I asked someone where the peak was. Everyone just started laughing at me. I left, slightly embarassed and walked down the large corridors.

I walked out around this place. Through many more corridors and rooms. The more I saw, the more I realized that this place was much more of a metropolis than I even thought possible. There was so much activity. So many words being exchanged.

I passed by a monestary of some sort. There was a monk meditating out front. He held his left hand out to me and beckoned me forward. I did as he asked. He pointed towards a pillow. I sat down, removing my shoes first. He smiled in thanks to that. His left hand took my right hand, and he held his right hand utmost, to the sky. I shut my eyes, and did the same, albeit more nervous and silly feeling.

I felt my body go limp, but I found myself unable to control anything as I found myself on a bus. I recognized the surroundings. It looked like the Kenyan Wildlife Refuge, Masaii Mara. As I watched out the window, it turned slowly into Nairobi, Mombassa, Lamu, Cairo, Greece, France, London, Ireland, Japan, and then California, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Tennesee, Pennsylvania, New York, and then it stopped at my house. [Note: I just described this like this, because every place that I just listed, I remembered every memory I remembered, good and bad--almost like one of those "life flashing before your eyes moments, but not so dramatic. It was just much easier to list it this way, because I don't want to spend the rest of my life typing this up.] I stepped out of the bus, not even really knowing why, or how, considering that I couldn't control myself.

A girl came up to me out of nowhere. One I know very well. And one that I wouldn't exactly expect here.

"You're here." She said. "You're at the peak. The peak of your life. Your present. Your current. Yourway of life before the way of your life is done. The life you have after the life you've lived. The life you could have before you even realized that you couldn't have the life you wanted anymore. The life of your life. Your peak."

"I'm where?" I returned--right before I realized that I was definitely at a 'peak'. I was on a tower of some sort. I look out, and I realize that the tower I'm standing on is an eye lash. Over my own eye. It was closed right now.
"Morning is coming. A fresh and new day awaits you. A fresh and new piece of life for you to take. For you to conquer. For you to make into something for yourself."

"You're talking a lot. That's unlike you."

"Time is short. I have to. Before the end." She was speaking very briskly.

"Before the end of what?"

"You know you've been dreaming. You figured that out seconds ago."


"Dreams only last a few seconds."

"But I've spent days in here."

"Doesn't matter. The sun is coming up. Sit, be silent. Watch the beauty as it flows from darkness into light."

The light came over the horizon. There we were, sitting close to one another. I could see the skin of my eye beginning to energize with the sunlight beaming just barely over it. I began to wonder if we were in a safe place, on the end of the eyelash. Once the eye opened.... Although it scarecly mattered at this point. Every tiny fold of skin looked as though it was an individual mountain range as the sun began to rise. Tiny hair folicles from beyound the eye looked like massive trees in the distance. The small pink valley at the edge of the eye was starting to quiver, as though it was experiencing an earthquake. The mountain to my right, my own nose, twitched several times. Twice a hand came from nowhere. Seeming as though it was moving slow, because of the small size that I was right now.

"I felt that."

"You're waking. Don't wake until you see it."

The sunlight beamed straight on now. You could see the oils on the skin that were shoved out during the night, like a natural spring pushes out water.

"I need to wash my face, look at that."

"SSSSH!! Be quiet or you'll miss it."

My eyelid began to quiver. And flutter. I noticed looking around that it wasn't just me and her. But everyone. My parents, my siblings, almost everyone, it seemed. My best friends from long ago were there, each with their significant other. They all turned and smiled, as did everyone else. All looking at me as though they genuinely cared to see this. Almost as if none of them expected to see it at all, but now that they were here, were sure as hell not going to miss it.

My eyelid opened a little bit. And the light glittered like water off of a lake in the early morning. Like the moon over the ocean almost. It was more beautiful than I could ever imagined it to be. [Huzzah for brains and detail! I R FAIL! But I R TRY] The tear drops looked like oceans of dew against a white ball of paint. The little red rivers running through it.

The eye shut again, and opened again, and repeated several times, until finally you could see everything. The eye slowly moved around, looking about. The pupil increasing and decreasing in size, focusing. The cornea, looked as though somebody had painstakingly painted it just for this occasion. From the angle, it looked like the pupil and cornea were a pit underneath the massive clear dome, which is what it was. The cornea was a blue gray, with dark green edges. Some of it looking like the shallow waters of the Mediterranean, and some like the Marianas Trench. The darkness of the pupil was only offset by the sunlight glintering off of the ocean of teardrops cascading in and out on it like a tide.

My eye suddenly stared right at me. How, I don't know. But it did. I felt as though I had just gazed into my very own soul. I looked around, and everyone's smiles faded as they faded. She faded. And then I found myself sitting beside the monk at the monestary.

"You have walked into the most beautiful thing the world could ever imagine. And like many times before, you will walk away, not knowing what it is you have. You will die unhappy unless you discover what your happiness really is."

"What? No--I want to get my degree and help push mankind to the stars."

"No, you do not understand. That is your passion. Not your happiness."

"I'll be happy when I complete it."

"And if you don't?"


"I thought so."

The monk let go of me and I fell down again. My shoes followed. I could see up and I noticed the monk waving. What was weirder, is that I noticed his right palm was exactly like my own. Only one line running across. I landed on something. It hurt, but I was getting more or less used to that. I put my shoes on, and dusted off. The valet park assistant handed me the keys to the tank, with a weird look of wonder, as to where Byron had gone to.

"He's gone."

The Valet nodded, and left. I climbed the tank, and put the keys into the ignition. Climbed out, and left. I left behind my rifle, and my pistol. A few minutes later, I came back for the pistol and tucked it in my pants. Just in case.

The sun was rising over the trees now. It was going to be a beautiful day.

Dreamscape 01/30/06

My rings are missing. Where are my rings? One was just here. Where is the other one? There it is! It's in the bottle. What is it doing in the bottle? I can't reach it in there. I can't get it out. The bottle won't break. The waters are rising. I'm drowning, help me. I can't stop it.
What am I doing home? Where are my rings? My rings are like my focal points. Fissures of incredible amounts of my body's energy, pouring through my focus points. My watch is missing now. Where has the time gone? What has become of my time here? What has it come to? The shining silver of eternity is too far from me. I cannot find it. It is out there somewhere, like oblivion.
It's raining outside. I have Sheri's truck, am I moving? all of my furniture has just been ruined... what was the point of me having it? Where are my clothes? I am cold. My car looks like it's new, but it isn't talking to me. What is wrong with you car? It's raining still. The waters are rising. I'm drowning, help me. I can't stop it.
The sun is shining brightly. My face is being warmed by the brilliant energy. It feels very good to me. Everything is upside down. My cat has one eyeball. She looks like a cyclops. Remnant of experiences past, she now speaks in a british accent and pulls out a clove cigarette to smoke. "What are you doing hanging from the ceiling there, ye ole bloke?" She says. She fades into mist and dissipates, leaving only the strong odor of a clove cigarette.
Electricity is breaking across my room. I am trapped in my bed like a prison. I can't break free. There are bars around it, as though I''m an infant. I do not understand what is going on. The bars turn from a warm oak to a cold steel. They burn to touch. I get frostbite. I scream in agony as gangrene takes over my hands, crawling like a plague across my body. My limbs fall off.
It's sprinkling outside. I wake up to the sound of NPR. It's 0500. What happened? Why is my gun out? It's supposed to be locked away. I check it. It's loaded. I hear a roar from my left. I see only a black figure. I fire 8 rounds. I scream as it falls on top of me, spilling blood all over me. Sweat beads from my brow. I never have 8 rounds in my gun. I never leave it chambered, it's dangerous to do such a thing, even living alone.
It's sprinkling outside. I wake up to the sound of NPR. It's 0500. My gun isn't there. There's an eery silence. The only thing that I can hear is the sound of my cat's purr.
My rings are missing. Where are my rings? One of them was just on my left middle finger. The other on my right ring finger. There they are, on the nightstand.
The glass to my bedroom window shatters and electicity flares around the room as though I'm in the middle of a powerful tesla coil. Everything disintegrates around me. All of my furniture has been ruined. My rings are like focal points, the lightning goes to them instead of me. I lay there, with the smell of burnt hair all over. This stings, and stinks too.
I get up to look in the mirror on my bedroom wall. Why are my eyes so red? Why are my pupils white? There are no answers to my questions. I hear a voice, a booming voice from behind me. I don't understand its language. It frightens me briefly, but I suddenly understand what it is saying, more in understanding of intent rather than words.
My house disintegrates around me. My cat is purring in my arms, protected around the shield. Everything is going away. My neighbors stand around stunned as their houses have all gone away. They are all immediately rebuilt, as everyone just kind of stares at each other blankly, especially at those who sleep in the buff. I thank the cold winter months for my pajamas.
-End Dreamscape
It's quiet outside. I wake up to the sound of NPR. It's 0500. My gun isn't there. My cat is on my lap purring. My rings are where they should be. I look at my watch. Time is still with me. My car isn't talking to me, and never will.
How much more strange can a dream get?

Dreamscape: 04/11/1998

(morning of, since I was waking up)

The darkness was around me like a blanket around a cold and wet animal, except it was the very cause of that coldness. It hurt, burned from ice. I was on the ground shivering and convulsing from being so fridgid.

I tried to stand up, but pain instead erupted from my back, right from the shoulder blades, the edge that goes towards the inside of the back. It wasn't just pain, it was as if my nerves themselves where being slammed with a sledgehammer. My skin split, and then exploded out of my back as I screamed and fell back to my knees head down, arms braced and holding against my stomach. The pain didn't stop, something was coming out of my back, and I continued to scream, the kind of scream you might expect from a woman that is having a child without an epidural. The agony was too much to bear.

It finally stopped, and I opened my eyes, feeling the weight's presence still on my back. I looked very slowly to the left as I watched a bloodied wing collapse to the ground. In shock and terror I tried to move out from under them, but they dragged with me. I realized, looking to my right, that there was another. The were both made of white feathers, with slight shading of gold, dripping with my blood, leaving a trail as I tried to crawl out from under them.

I thought of moving them, and they did so. The moment they quivered at my will, they lifted back up and flapped once, and then the agony started all over again. They started pulling themselves back INTO my back, and this time it wasn't just agonizing pain, I felt tears streaming down my cheeks as I was sobbing and convulsing through the pain that it caused it was too much, begging for mercy to make the pain go away.

Finally, the pain ended. I slowly pushed myself off of the ground, tears still falling off of my cheeks, uneven breathing from sobbing. I sniffled as I shakily picked myself up to walk away, stumbling. Knowing that I had to have lost most of my blood from whatever that was, I knew I needed to get somewhere for help.

An explosive force tore them out of my back again like a fist through a piece of wet paper, and I screamed.

I woke up screaming, and hallucinating (or at least I hope to GOD that was just hallucinations) as I threw myself out of bed, screaming for my Dad to come and save me from the agony, I found that he wasn't there. I managed to crawl into the bathroom and hoist myself up to look at my back in the mirror. There were two winglet stubs slowly pushing themselves back into my back. With that, I screamed from the shock and hit my head against the towel hanger. I woke up a couple hours later on the bathroom floor. I tried to shrug it off as 'it was ALL just a dream' and went and played some Starcraft.

Some people would consider becoming an "Angel" do be an act of the divine. I, on the other hand, found it incredibly painful, horrifying, and well... I hope that I never experience it again. EVER. I still have 'phantom pains' on my back.

I also forgot to mention the strange smear of blood on that particular sheet. That's something else that I don't know for sure if it was real or hallucinated, because I found it after I had played a couple rounds of Starcraft.

Dreamscape 12/06/06

This is the most recent of many, I will be diving back into my records for my dreams of the past.....

For a moment I thought I was dreaming, as it felt as though I was covered in corpses. Then I realized, that I was not dreaming. I began to panic as I pushed as hard as I could in every direction I could. The dead weight of what seemed like several dozen corpses piling me down. I finally clawed my way through them, covered... no, drenched... in blood, all coagulated across my skin and what was left of the rags of clothes I was still able to keep my decency with. The smell was awful. It was dusk, so I made my way east towards the moon. I found my way towards a spring, stripped down, and scrubbed my skin clean of the horrid stench of death. Scrubbed the dirt out of my hair, and then lay there soaking in the cool water watching the moon.

I don't know if it was delirium or the insane amount of stress, but the moon appeared to become a sailboat from it's quarter crescent, and it was moving towards me in the water still glowing. The main mast sprouted like a tree from the middle, a sail draped down as though it were satin against the cool breeze on a midsummer's night. A thin glowing figure climbed halfway up the mast, stared me directly in the eyes, beckoning, and then vanished into thin air. As I clamored into the boat, fresh clothing grappled my body, drying me before encircling me in the perfectly fitting clothes. My katana found itself in a scabbard at my belt.

There was a voice calling me to the Captain's quarter's, so I found my way there. There was a full length mirror across the cabin. I could see my hair was long, to my shoulders, curled at the very tips, blonde, with brown on the inside. Well tailored. My eyes were a brilliant blue/gray like a dull glowing sapphire. I hardly recognized myself from the reflection in the water from earlier. The smell of the corpses still lingered every so slightly, making me somewhat queezy. I fought it away and turned from the quarters, not seeing what the voice was, perhaps a figment of my imagination?

As soon as I returned to the deck, I looked over the edge to find not water, but the ground.... far, far below. When I turned around, there was a crew of what appeared to be spirits, all saluting in various different styles, from the hand to head salute, to the arm raised salute, to the arm across the chest, to bowing. Their auras glowed, and I could tell that they were all spirits with good intent, regardless of their background. I formulated my own finger lips, to chest, outwards, and twirled outwards as I also made a half bow back towards them. A blast hit the bow of the ship, incinerating bits and pieces, and killing several of my new crew. I began barking orders in a strange dialect, unknowingly speaking the tongue of the spirit realm. Pieces of the ship morphed into guns, turrets, harpoons, and hell broke loose. I could not tell what they were shooting at, or what was shooting at us, but we were hit amidship and went into a dive. As the ship was close to hitting the ground, the satin sail burst loose and wrapped me up inside of itself.

Once I was free of it, I found myself on the ground. Still dressed in the well tailored clothing, still with sword in hand. I was in the middle of a city. A modern one. I was next door to an old school, so I walked in to see if I could speak to someone to get my bearings. As soon as I walked in, reality shifted. Light changed to dark, metal turned to rust, wood changed to rotten pulp, and the one woman I saw at the desk at the office turned from a well figured woman into a corpse, and then a dried corpse. I blinked, and it all went away. There was commotion, people laughing, playing, talking, shouting. I walked up to a girl I thought I recognized. Mary Beth (girl from highschool... or is it her twin?). She turned smiling, and then her face turned to shock. Recognition perhaps? She threw her arms around me as if she had found a long lost love at last.

She took me by the hand and as we were finding our way up the stairs, a massive crack sound burst from the basement, and boiling water gushed into the floors, burning everyone in sight, cooking those who were too close. I grabbed Mary Beth and threw her onto my shoulders and bolted up the stairs as the water appeared to grab at my feet. I threw my sword out to the window, and it spun in circles, cutting a whole for me to jump through. As I because airborne, I began to fly up and away from the boiling water elemental. I brought her off my shoulders and placed her in my arms. She smiled a genuine smile and kissed me on the cheek.

As I found a place to land, I let go of her and decided to lay on the ground. She curled in the crook of my arm and purred as she slept, nose nuzzled into my chest as I stared towards the perfect moonlit sky. I stared at the moon looking for familiarity, as the mast sprouted from the midship and waved a flag of surrender, then it broke away as though it were falling. I closed my eyes for what felt like a moment and reality had switched again. The girl nuzzled into me was lifeless, eyes plucked out by crows. I screamed in terror and burst to my feet in an instant, drawing my sword in reaction to more sounds from the shadows. They came closer and closer, clawing at my feet and back, having me completely flanked. I sliced into the shadow but it had no effect.

Reality switched back. She was still nuzzled in my arm, fast asleep. I yawned, stretched, stirring her awake. She rubbed her eyes and yawned a toothy yawn, baring near carnivorous fangs similar to my own. She smiled again, and then she turned bone white and pointed behind me. I turned just in time to recieve a very large claw right in the gut. It punctured my entire body, barely missing my spine, leaving me still able to use all of my limbs. I shrieked in pain, and started to pant as shock hit me. There was a glowing white eye, and a glowing red eye staring at me from the shadows. A glow eminated from the ground somewhere revealing a half angel/half demon grinning wickedly at me. Screams of mothers and child, with cries of torment, pain, and anguish echoed all around us. I looked towards Mary Beth, and she too had become gaunt. She came close, and as she opened her mouth a black line-flicker-like cloud spilled from it like a poorly animated horror film. White noise made the ambience far worse, overpowering my will, battering me down as all of these screams, and wave upon wave of pure emotion swept over me. The claw gripped itself around my spine and pulled, snapping me literally in two.

I awoke, screaming like a scared young schoolboy who had just gotten punched in the nose by the school bully for the first time. Mary Beth was there, trying to calm me down, running her fingers through my hair, smiling, and comforting me against her breast. She sang softly to me until I fell asleep again. I dreamt of happiness, of safety, and comfort. When I awoke, I found myself curled around her protectively. I kissed her softly on the neck to wake her, she turned and smiled at me. We laid there a while longer before we got up and began walking. After a short walk, a car was parked around a bend through the valley. I climbed into the drivers side as she climbed to the passenger side.

We drove towards the main road, where it began to act as though it were a jump rope. The screaming sounds suddenly returned. My back teeth began cracking into pieces. As I drove, she pulled the pieces out, bit by bit, and inside one she found a tiny scroll. As she read it, the darkness faded and sun rose from behind the clouds. She smiled at me again, and I smiled back, our eyes dancing with one another's. A mighty roar shattered the glass, leaving us protected only because it was safety glass. I slammed the car into a lower gear and gunned it, driving only on what I could see through the side mirrors as far as lines. Our car darted into the woods where we slammed into a tree. We both climbed from the wreckage mostly unscathed, when the mast from the moonship fell from the skies and killed us both.

I awoke next to this same beautiful woman, kissed her on the neck, and left her room. As soon as I had shut her bedroom door, I awoke in my bathroom. Door shut. (This time I was actually awake, and standing in my bathroom in my jams). x_x

Part night terror, part nightmare, part sleepwalk, part grandeurish dream. Zyrtec apparently causes slight halucination and schizophrenia. I wasn't able to silence the traces of voices in my head until I wrote all of this down earlier today.
Halucination > Allergic sneezing fits, so I think it's a great trade off.