Thursday, December 7, 2006

Dreamscape: 04/11/1998

(morning of, since I was waking up)

The darkness was around me like a blanket around a cold and wet animal, except it was the very cause of that coldness. It hurt, burned from ice. I was on the ground shivering and convulsing from being so fridgid.

I tried to stand up, but pain instead erupted from my back, right from the shoulder blades, the edge that goes towards the inside of the back. It wasn't just pain, it was as if my nerves themselves where being slammed with a sledgehammer. My skin split, and then exploded out of my back as I screamed and fell back to my knees head down, arms braced and holding against my stomach. The pain didn't stop, something was coming out of my back, and I continued to scream, the kind of scream you might expect from a woman that is having a child without an epidural. The agony was too much to bear.

It finally stopped, and I opened my eyes, feeling the weight's presence still on my back. I looked very slowly to the left as I watched a bloodied wing collapse to the ground. In shock and terror I tried to move out from under them, but they dragged with me. I realized, looking to my right, that there was another. The were both made of white feathers, with slight shading of gold, dripping with my blood, leaving a trail as I tried to crawl out from under them.

I thought of moving them, and they did so. The moment they quivered at my will, they lifted back up and flapped once, and then the agony started all over again. They started pulling themselves back INTO my back, and this time it wasn't just agonizing pain, I felt tears streaming down my cheeks as I was sobbing and convulsing through the pain that it caused it was too much, begging for mercy to make the pain go away.

Finally, the pain ended. I slowly pushed myself off of the ground, tears still falling off of my cheeks, uneven breathing from sobbing. I sniffled as I shakily picked myself up to walk away, stumbling. Knowing that I had to have lost most of my blood from whatever that was, I knew I needed to get somewhere for help.

An explosive force tore them out of my back again like a fist through a piece of wet paper, and I screamed.

I woke up screaming, and hallucinating (or at least I hope to GOD that was just hallucinations) as I threw myself out of bed, screaming for my Dad to come and save me from the agony, I found that he wasn't there. I managed to crawl into the bathroom and hoist myself up to look at my back in the mirror. There were two winglet stubs slowly pushing themselves back into my back. With that, I screamed from the shock and hit my head against the towel hanger. I woke up a couple hours later on the bathroom floor. I tried to shrug it off as 'it was ALL just a dream' and went and played some Starcraft.

Some people would consider becoming an "Angel" do be an act of the divine. I, on the other hand, found it incredibly painful, horrifying, and well... I hope that I never experience it again. EVER. I still have 'phantom pains' on my back.

I also forgot to mention the strange smear of blood on that particular sheet. That's something else that I don't know for sure if it was real or hallucinated, because I found it after I had played a couple rounds of Starcraft.

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