Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dreamscape 12/21/06

I snapped to. I could feel the warmth around me hugging like a nicely knit sweater. It was pleasant, loving, nurturing. My face felt as though it was going to split open because of my smile. The emotion of love encircled me as though it were magic.

A cold sharp sensation rang into my surroundings and I quickly struggled to my feet, looking around, sensation fading slightly. I could feel a threat of some kind, unknown... what is this? What is this about?

A golden ray of light shone down from the sky above me. Invigorating, intoxicating, warm, and addictive. It stopped rather abruptly leaving me cold again with the other sensation wrapping itself aroundd me area of consciousness.

Two men I know by the name of 'Tom' appeared into the dwindilng light and stared at me. The tall one was very calm and collected. The shorter one was menacing and cruel looking. The short one charged at me and I somehow became incredibly fluid, as though I understood each and every movement he was going to make. The tall one vanished from view entirely.

The short Tom brandished a sword of cold steel and I reached for Dancer at my belt and unsheathed her, taking my defensive stance. His eyes were cold and unjust, full of hatred and putrid vile scum. It burned my soul to look into those eyes, but I stared still, staring this.. . thing.. this demon down.
He closed in slowly and with blinding speed he struck, but Dancer was there to deflect the blow and I countered quickly forcing him to bound back. He continued to do this several times with no success, then went berserk.

He spoke in some kind of tongue that I did not understand. I understood that it was mocking me in some way, but did not understand what was said. Now I assaulted him back, our swords clashing with speeds that would make any master of the sword nod in approval of skill with the blades as we danced across the grass at one another.

He caught me.
Dancer flew out of my hand and as he homed in for a strike to my neck. I jerked out of the way just in time, and planted a barefisted blow to his jawbone and jarring his elbow. His sword fell to the ground as he reeled back. I picked it up and attempted to shatter it against a nearby rock. Rather than shatter, it melted into a flattened piece of dull tin foil like substance. It was rather useless. I cast it aside and picked up Dancer. He scowled at me and darted into the shadows.

I took a step back, and the grass was gone. A snake bit into my thigh and I fell back off of a cliff, barely catching myself on the ledge. My grip weakened and I dropped.

I awoke in a large atrium or mall of somekind. The ambient sound was very busy, very ... neutral. I came to my feet and a staff found itself in my hand. I looked towards where it had been launched or thrown from. There was the taller Tom standing there with a staff all the same, and he beckoned me to come to him. I threw the staff down refusing the challenge, and he shrugged and launched his own at me as he ran towards me, grabbing the one I had cast aside.

The ambient sound increased several times over as eyes turned towards us. Each new attack was different, unknown, unpredictable. I barely managed to hold my own against him. He took a last swing and I lept into a backflip landing to my feet with staff pointing directly at him. He came at me again, knocking my feet out from under me. I flowed with the movement, using the extra momentum to flip my own staff out at his feet and did a kickflip back to the ground as I cracked the staff against his skull. The sensation of 'wow ninja' was incredible. I actually felt kickin' rad. He was beaten. Everyone clapped and cheered as I held the staff and arms out and threw my persona off at the audience. Strangely enough, there were three mexican's bowing their heads and waving at me.

The audience faded and the room turned blood red, with the ambience of a white noise generator with the flooding of pure loving emotion. My eyes jerked out tears and I began sobbing uncontrollably, curled into the fetal position in a circle of dark red, frightened. Although the presence was warm and protecting, I still felt frightened and continued to cry. The tears stopped, a gentle hand wiped them away.

A bright figure stood infront of me, although I could not bring myself to meet it's eyes, or even tell if it was male or female. It's hand nudged my chin and I heard the words "MAKE READY!" and I deflected a blade with Dancer as it shot right through the bright figure as it disappeared. I heard a blood curdling snarl as it struck again, and again, and again. I was only barely able to deflect the last one and felt a blade cut across the top of my left pinky finger.

My eyes still wet, I felt a passion of love, and an equivocal fury flush through me like a tsunami and I felt an energy wave flow out from my body as I lurched towards the shorter Tom (as I could now see). I saw his eyes spark the sensation of fear as he tried to deflect my attack over and over again. The surroundings turned into more of a hallway with large boulders strewn around it. A sensation in my chest kept me going, as it felt as though my honor was at stake here if I did not finish this here and now. He turned tail to run, and I threw dancer with a deadly accuracy that I thought was only reserved for special effects in movies, pinning him to a wall.

I bolted up behind him, whispering into his ear, something which I cannot remember, but I remember his eyes quivering in naked fear. I released the sword from his clothing, dropping him to the ground and he ran off looking back to make sure I was not chasing after him to kill him.

I took a long sigh of relief, shutting my eyes momentarilly to gather the calmness after the storm. When I opened my eyes, I was on a stage, in a costume. I began to sing as though I was the lead, with a cigarette hanging out of my mouth the entire time. It was a pseudo operatic techno piece (however the hell that works!). I sang from the very depths of my soul, recieved a standing ovation (don't remember much of this part at all!) and then I found myself walking down a dark path.

My hand was clasped in another's gentle hand. Although I could not see who it was, I felt the presence of love. I looked straight ahead, hand in hand, and as we walked down the dark path, things lit up around us as the path slowly revealed itself to us.

I awoke feeling as though I could choke on my own tears, but I had a smile on my face as I got out of bed to head to the shower. And I must say, today was an incredible day.

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