Thursday, December 7, 2006

Dreamscape 12/06/06

This is the most recent of many, I will be diving back into my records for my dreams of the past.....

For a moment I thought I was dreaming, as it felt as though I was covered in corpses. Then I realized, that I was not dreaming. I began to panic as I pushed as hard as I could in every direction I could. The dead weight of what seemed like several dozen corpses piling me down. I finally clawed my way through them, covered... no, drenched... in blood, all coagulated across my skin and what was left of the rags of clothes I was still able to keep my decency with. The smell was awful. It was dusk, so I made my way east towards the moon. I found my way towards a spring, stripped down, and scrubbed my skin clean of the horrid stench of death. Scrubbed the dirt out of my hair, and then lay there soaking in the cool water watching the moon.

I don't know if it was delirium or the insane amount of stress, but the moon appeared to become a sailboat from it's quarter crescent, and it was moving towards me in the water still glowing. The main mast sprouted like a tree from the middle, a sail draped down as though it were satin against the cool breeze on a midsummer's night. A thin glowing figure climbed halfway up the mast, stared me directly in the eyes, beckoning, and then vanished into thin air. As I clamored into the boat, fresh clothing grappled my body, drying me before encircling me in the perfectly fitting clothes. My katana found itself in a scabbard at my belt.

There was a voice calling me to the Captain's quarter's, so I found my way there. There was a full length mirror across the cabin. I could see my hair was long, to my shoulders, curled at the very tips, blonde, with brown on the inside. Well tailored. My eyes were a brilliant blue/gray like a dull glowing sapphire. I hardly recognized myself from the reflection in the water from earlier. The smell of the corpses still lingered every so slightly, making me somewhat queezy. I fought it away and turned from the quarters, not seeing what the voice was, perhaps a figment of my imagination?

As soon as I returned to the deck, I looked over the edge to find not water, but the ground.... far, far below. When I turned around, there was a crew of what appeared to be spirits, all saluting in various different styles, from the hand to head salute, to the arm raised salute, to the arm across the chest, to bowing. Their auras glowed, and I could tell that they were all spirits with good intent, regardless of their background. I formulated my own finger lips, to chest, outwards, and twirled outwards as I also made a half bow back towards them. A blast hit the bow of the ship, incinerating bits and pieces, and killing several of my new crew. I began barking orders in a strange dialect, unknowingly speaking the tongue of the spirit realm. Pieces of the ship morphed into guns, turrets, harpoons, and hell broke loose. I could not tell what they were shooting at, or what was shooting at us, but we were hit amidship and went into a dive. As the ship was close to hitting the ground, the satin sail burst loose and wrapped me up inside of itself.

Once I was free of it, I found myself on the ground. Still dressed in the well tailored clothing, still with sword in hand. I was in the middle of a city. A modern one. I was next door to an old school, so I walked in to see if I could speak to someone to get my bearings. As soon as I walked in, reality shifted. Light changed to dark, metal turned to rust, wood changed to rotten pulp, and the one woman I saw at the desk at the office turned from a well figured woman into a corpse, and then a dried corpse. I blinked, and it all went away. There was commotion, people laughing, playing, talking, shouting. I walked up to a girl I thought I recognized. Mary Beth (girl from highschool... or is it her twin?). She turned smiling, and then her face turned to shock. Recognition perhaps? She threw her arms around me as if she had found a long lost love at last.

She took me by the hand and as we were finding our way up the stairs, a massive crack sound burst from the basement, and boiling water gushed into the floors, burning everyone in sight, cooking those who were too close. I grabbed Mary Beth and threw her onto my shoulders and bolted up the stairs as the water appeared to grab at my feet. I threw my sword out to the window, and it spun in circles, cutting a whole for me to jump through. As I because airborne, I began to fly up and away from the boiling water elemental. I brought her off my shoulders and placed her in my arms. She smiled a genuine smile and kissed me on the cheek.

As I found a place to land, I let go of her and decided to lay on the ground. She curled in the crook of my arm and purred as she slept, nose nuzzled into my chest as I stared towards the perfect moonlit sky. I stared at the moon looking for familiarity, as the mast sprouted from the midship and waved a flag of surrender, then it broke away as though it were falling. I closed my eyes for what felt like a moment and reality had switched again. The girl nuzzled into me was lifeless, eyes plucked out by crows. I screamed in terror and burst to my feet in an instant, drawing my sword in reaction to more sounds from the shadows. They came closer and closer, clawing at my feet and back, having me completely flanked. I sliced into the shadow but it had no effect.

Reality switched back. She was still nuzzled in my arm, fast asleep. I yawned, stretched, stirring her awake. She rubbed her eyes and yawned a toothy yawn, baring near carnivorous fangs similar to my own. She smiled again, and then she turned bone white and pointed behind me. I turned just in time to recieve a very large claw right in the gut. It punctured my entire body, barely missing my spine, leaving me still able to use all of my limbs. I shrieked in pain, and started to pant as shock hit me. There was a glowing white eye, and a glowing red eye staring at me from the shadows. A glow eminated from the ground somewhere revealing a half angel/half demon grinning wickedly at me. Screams of mothers and child, with cries of torment, pain, and anguish echoed all around us. I looked towards Mary Beth, and she too had become gaunt. She came close, and as she opened her mouth a black line-flicker-like cloud spilled from it like a poorly animated horror film. White noise made the ambience far worse, overpowering my will, battering me down as all of these screams, and wave upon wave of pure emotion swept over me. The claw gripped itself around my spine and pulled, snapping me literally in two.

I awoke, screaming like a scared young schoolboy who had just gotten punched in the nose by the school bully for the first time. Mary Beth was there, trying to calm me down, running her fingers through my hair, smiling, and comforting me against her breast. She sang softly to me until I fell asleep again. I dreamt of happiness, of safety, and comfort. When I awoke, I found myself curled around her protectively. I kissed her softly on the neck to wake her, she turned and smiled at me. We laid there a while longer before we got up and began walking. After a short walk, a car was parked around a bend through the valley. I climbed into the drivers side as she climbed to the passenger side.

We drove towards the main road, where it began to act as though it were a jump rope. The screaming sounds suddenly returned. My back teeth began cracking into pieces. As I drove, she pulled the pieces out, bit by bit, and inside one she found a tiny scroll. As she read it, the darkness faded and sun rose from behind the clouds. She smiled at me again, and I smiled back, our eyes dancing with one another's. A mighty roar shattered the glass, leaving us protected only because it was safety glass. I slammed the car into a lower gear and gunned it, driving only on what I could see through the side mirrors as far as lines. Our car darted into the woods where we slammed into a tree. We both climbed from the wreckage mostly unscathed, when the mast from the moonship fell from the skies and killed us both.

I awoke next to this same beautiful woman, kissed her on the neck, and left her room. As soon as I had shut her bedroom door, I awoke in my bathroom. Door shut. (This time I was actually awake, and standing in my bathroom in my jams). x_x

Part night terror, part nightmare, part sleepwalk, part grandeurish dream. Zyrtec apparently causes slight halucination and schizophrenia. I wasn't able to silence the traces of voices in my head until I wrote all of this down earlier today.
Halucination > Allergic sneezing fits, so I think it's a great trade off.

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